Bimetric is a duo of conceptual and performative arts, which presents events in the fields of new music, contemporary sound art and multidisciplinary works. It consists of percussionists José Silva (Portugal) and Antoine Josselin (France).


«The bi-metric cosmological model, also called the twin cosmological model, bi-sheet or twin universe theory, is a non-standard cosmological model representing the universe known as the mirror of a "shadow universe" and communicating only thanks to gravitation.» 


As an image of the definition of the bi-metric cosmological model, Bimetric represents a musical universe only alive thanks to the existence of a parallel universe, being its reflection like a musical mirror, both universes communicating only spiritually and through the music in order to create a complete new world. 


Their main goal? Humanizing performances... 


In the Bimetric world, they aim to always look for new sounds and ways of playing music by creating themselves but also by collaborating with diverse artists from different art fields (composers, sound artists...). By the many aspects they get into the arts -exploring theatrical aspects, lights, staging, images, concepts -and also influenced by the vast repertoire they play -from composers such as Stockhausen, Tenney, Psathas, Aperghis, Globokar, Alvarez, Jodlowski, Xenakis, Noordegraaf, Sol Ey, Fadael- they work to develop as many skills as possible and show the plurality of sounds, the enormous amount of instruments - from the simple current object to the new technologies - in order to express the diversity of the world. 


They also want to have a poetic and philosophical view on the life around all of us and share this with the audience, who is invited to experiment, sometimes touching directly the music with them or feeling the different emotions they are able to give thanks to the proximity they create in a suspended moment of life. 


José Luís Lima Silva (b. 1995) is currently finishing his Master’s degree Percussion at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. Previously, he studied at Escola Profissional Artística do Alto Minho and at the Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas, completing both studies with the highest grade possible. He took part in masterclasses with musicians such as Benoit Cambreling, Jeffery Davis, Jean Geoffroy, Russell Hartenberger and Rácz Zoltan. As part of his duo, Bimetric, he won the first place in the TROMP International Composition Competition in 2018, where he performed the work Paringsdance by composer Karmit Fadel. He has worked with ensembles like Slagwerk Den Haag and Eklekto percussion Group. He is constantly working on the social connection on the musical performance panorama, having as the title of his research "Humanizing Performances".


Antoine Josselin is a french artist, percussionist and teacher born in 1994 in Vichy. In 2018, he graduated with a master’s degree in percussion from the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague where his teachers were Hans Zonderop, Theun van Nieuwburg, Pepe García, Niels Mefieste Rob Verhagen and Aly N'Diaye Rose. Prior, he studied with Emmanuel Séjourné, Stephan Fougeroux, Denis Riedinger and Latif Chaarani at the Académie Supérieure de Musique de Strasbourg (HEAR) where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in 2015. Furthermore, he holds a diploma in pedagogy since 2016.
Antoine played as a young talent soloist at the contemporary music festival Musica in Strasbourg in 2015. He has collaborated with instrumental groups from France and The Netherlands including Ensemble Linea, Ensemble Hanatsu Miroir, The Residentie Orkest, The Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, The Insomnio Ensemble, Opera Group The Fat Lady, Slagwerk Den Haag, The New European Ensemble and The Veenfabriek in collaboration with Het Nationale Theater.
Antoine is currently based in the Hague where he is proceeding with his studies as a contract student at the Royal Conservatoire and plays with the percussion- and conceptual art duo Bimetric with José Silva. Through performance art, Antoine wishes to develop his personality in a world without boundaries, a world of broader artistic horizons, transversality and creation as well in the music as in the other arts. In 2019, he will be performing in the opera Aus Licht of Karlheinz Stockhausen, a production of Dutch National Opera, the Holland Festival and Stockhausen Foundation.