Delta is an on going collaboration of Bimetric with the sound artist Kyaz. It will be premiered on 10.05.2019 opening for the multidisciplinary art event Intake in The Hague, Netherlands.


CY(IR)CLE(S) was premiered in Kees van Barenzaal at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague in June 2018.


In the course of a cycle uniformized by a previously stylized life, we constantly question and reflect the absence of the human values in our daily lives.
On a reflective way, the listeners and performers share a moment with physical interactions, visual proximities and sensorial exchanges. Concerning a very present issue, the differentiation and distance between performance/audience, we invite the listeners to dispose naturally around and move through the musical moment, seeking physical, sensory and psychological comfort.
The study and the search for a uniformity of the defragmented placement of an audience, creates the will of form a unified moment, running away from the idea of a distributed and distant context of a disposition regulated by avant-garde cults and practices.

Map of conexions (pieces and meanings)

An interactive beginning in a touch of Parallel Worlds, being the next steps a discovery of a sonic and timbral mentality, followed by a corporal cleansing in the form of a musical ritual, walking through routines that are constructed punctually in 24 little parts. Then construct a basis for the realization of the rhythmic architecture, where the music is maximized and reflected in a naked and raw body introspection, finally reaching the purity and naturalness of being, eternal, ethereal.

The Human being as a being of flaws, sensations, emotions, bonds…